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How should the board use the consent agenda?

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The Board of Education uses the consent agenda to conduct normal business operations. It keeps the meetings moving along and limits discussion for routine items.

I believe that any item in the consent agenda that will cost the district over $100,000 must be discussed by the board.  I suggested that in early 2014.

At that time,  the board both approved  tenure and accepted the resignation of Connie Hayes. Ms Hayes is the Director of Special Education for the District.  I am not commenting on whether that tenure should have been granted.  I do not believe it was an appropriate use of the consent agenda.

Granting tenure and the associated future retirement costs  are significant for the district. The board should have happily discussed their views and publicly congratulated Ms. Hayes.  This was an odd use of the consent agenda.

If elected, you can be assured that I will scrutinize the consent agenda to be on the lookout for spending that should clearly be discussed in public.

Lewisboro Ledger Article: April 2, 2014 – DISTRICT GRANTS HAYES TENURE


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