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Why I am running for the board of education

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Printed in Lewisboro Ledger on 4/16/2013

I am running for board because the people here deserve a board that works for them.

The board should be an extension of the local community, not an extension of the school administration.

In the past 2 years, the district has closed an elementary school and fired a superintendent. The administration has not paid attention to common core and there are no policies in place. Without discussion, the elementary curriculum in the district has turned into EngageNY handouts. The board has simply not focused on education.

The district has focused on budget cuts,  but in 2011 and 2012, the school district ran surpluses of $5M and $6M. We were overtaxed. The district then made unnecessary cuts in sports, foreign language in elementary, and other educational areas.

We have been overtaxed and underserved.

I believe the board has an oversight role and must hold the administration accountable.

I am running because I believe the board must

  • put education on the agenda,
  • serve the local community,
  • provide oversight to the administration,
  • and demand clear educational policies

I will encourage the Board of Education and the school district to act as partners with all of the people in the district, parents, teachers, and in particular the town officials of Lewisboro, Bedford, Pound Ridge, North Salem, and our local state legislators.



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